Monday, December 1, 2014

Why Dollar rates up and down

As an immediate consequence, the exchange rate reached  585 RS, reaching new highs in years. With this value, operators estimate that exceed 580 Rs and finally reach a ceiling of 600 by the third quarter. Histrionically the past six months, the money has risen over 50 Rs.

This is explained both by the low as falling copper prices in recent sessions. The low activity seems to indicate to markets that the central bank reduced the rate of interest to three.25% or even 3%. If this happens, it is likely that those with weights that are devalued by inflation and low rates of interest, prefer dollars to invest in better places. This puts pressure on the money and increase its value, in a market that also provides less supply by low red metal.

Internationally, meanwhile, fears of a resurgence of conflict , due to mobilize troops towards the border, has brought down the major exchanges, increasing the appetite for the greenback as the geopolitical situation advised to leave actions and being liquid is in dollars or gold.