Tuesday, February 16, 2016

World Financial technology and forex

You do not think that what you call "cosmetic banking" is a logical first step on how from a large corporation begin to understand what is happening in the world Financial technology? It is very difficult from a large corporation assimilate the paradigm shift of new non-traditional competitors, which operate with different game rules because its business model is different snatch such as the Financial technology. And at first they are so small that they are not able to be observed. I think that the various forms of "cosmetic banking" must generate an open collaboration with Financial technology based on a strategy that will cover different products and services first. And in parallel, substitution processes within the business model of the incumbent, always with the customer in mind.

The big problem of the bank is the "transition" of the entire infrastructure over the current model, coupled with the fact that today is not 100% of likely changes in your supplier of financial services customers. This is an advantage for banks, but while perhaps a disincentive to undertake a necessary processing time. Somehow, the bank "must accompany" the technological adaptation of the clients themselves and yes, it is true, you should do perhaps more proactive and less reluctantly.

it is very difficult for a huge corporation like a used-competitive bank, especially as the tendency to be rescued with public money when in trouble and his habit of running a model Situation agreements between banks to distort markets (Forex), does not help much.

However, rather than denounce their slow reaction, which we draw attention is the kind of competition that seek to establish that, instead of being oriented to provide better customer service, it is based on tripping to the competitors, which it is obviously not working for them, given the growth of Fin-tech industry and in our opinion is preventing them starring the change in strategy that clients are suing him.

Of course, there are no obstacles hindering banks Fin-tech function as a barrier, but do not. Why? Well, I think that they have not yet realized that there has been a change of scenery, there are some new players that are winning over customers by giving them a better service. Most of them still believe that the regulation void the competition will get these new players.

This would be the superficial explanation, the underlying reason is that banks refuse to change their attitude to really act as a Fin-tech whose main objective and rationale is differentiated by means of a model based on efficiency and customer service . Banks continue their practices unclear, to put it mildly, focused on their own benefit rather than solve customer problems. Changing this orientation is the first step to act as a Financial technology.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Learning Forex

Forex education is a critical part of a successful business start Forex trading, especially for someone who does not really know anything about the Forex market. A lot of people have been misled about how easy it is to make money trading Forex. Without the right foundation, you will only succeed in the game your money - reaping profits in minutes and then lose again in bad trades. It is only through a deep understanding of the Forex trading can really make a trading currencies carefully planned to win benefits both short and long term. You can start with learning about the basic components of the currency.

In the kindergarten level at the School , you will be introduced to the basics you need to know to really understand what trading is. You will learn about the two types of trading, fundamental and technical, as well as the types of charts used in Forex trading at this level. Making a fundamental analysis of the market will be given to show how the market is affected by the economy. Technical analysis, on the other hand, involves looking closely at price movements using charts. These graphs are also described at this level. As you move to 1st grade, you will zoom in candlestick charts, the most common of all charts used in Forex trading.

You will find that candlesticks are formed by plotting open, high, low and narrow shapes. The importance of this type of layout will show how the market is buying or selling. By observing how the candlesticks are formed, it is easier for you to see the direction the market is taking and thus make their own business decisions.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

foreign exchange market and tricks

The foreign exchange market is preferred by lots of operators to unleash
their investment skills on. It is the most liquid in the world  and open round the clock, and show no 'gap' or gap between prices on the Monday morning & Friday afternoon. Every day is exchanged between one.5 and two billion, which effectively converts also called Foreign exchange largest market in the world.

Exactly because of its size, this market is impossible to handle. Foreign money translation are protected against the financial or corporate scandals. It also tends to react favorably to every news or economic or geopolitical event. It is always open to discount any event.

Although the operation is not simple, it is always feasible to have some simple techniques that improve the result. Trading in the Forex (Editions value) . its infancy tried to collect information on short-term systems designed to enter the strong trends. That is, the 'trader' only come in well-established trends. The surprise was that this method does not work at all. Since no can spend round the clock watching screens to choose when to open a position, the professional suggests that it is better to calculate an average.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Forex Trading and get good money

Currency Forex market offers amazing opportunities for those who demand to barter and acquire acceptable money. But belief about how to barter the Forex bazaar finer continue. Events area bodies accept absent aggregate to the basic bazaar can be found. There are additionally cases of bodies to get a abiding assets from these markets. Facts accept apparent that the majority of bodies with bank skills.

They do not accept a able compassionate of the Forex market, which can advance to ample losses. Implementation of the Forex markets ability up to 2 abundance every day. Therefore, you should seek specific admonition for your business, Forex trading success.

You will be abashed to apprentice that best companies are not able to barter Forex is mainly due to sensitivity. They are either acquisitive or abashed to advance in new businesses. Best of them additionally do not booty the accident that they may annual from the great. So to avoid mistakes and start learning to trade the Forex market.

Earlier, the Forex market is accessible alone for banks and multinationals are alone accustomed to barter the Forex market this size. But the development of Internet technology has created opportunities for a cardinal of online Forex trading. The Forex bazaar is now accessible with an all-embracing chump has a acceptable PC to affix to the Internet. Another advantage of the Forex market is that it is never acquiescent and consistently has a connected temperature of billions of dollars every day. So how Forex trading begins? The aboriginal footfall you charge to acquisition online brokers that can accord you admission to the Forex market. Few e-business action alms for the added announcement of the currency. Then you accept you registered with them by aperture an annual get.

Forex market advance will advance to charge-less barter in abounding countries. This is to advice bodies advance in barrier funds and added adopted markets. Therefore, you can change the bill of abounding countries anytime . The barrio are bent by the institutions and banking intermediaries to accept from. Therefore, you should acquaint in anxiously allotment a banking institution, which accepted almanac of success choose. Accomplish abiding you accept a acceptable accord with their advance .

If you are one of abounding bodies who demand to try their luck in the Forex market, you should be able to apprentice Forex in the aboriginal place. It is accessible to learn, however, alone for the account of learning. You should additionally be accessible to be put in abode area you can be actual successfully. It would not accomplish faculty to have.

There are abounding ways, some of which are accompanying and some to apprentice Forex, if you demand to accede is introduced. You must, of course, get a acceptability for actuality able to accomplish the appropriate business.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Why Dollar rates up and down

As an immediate consequence, the exchange rate reached  585 RS, reaching new highs in years. With this value, operators estimate that exceed 580 Rs and finally reach a ceiling of 600 by the third quarter. Histrionically the past six months, the money has risen over 50 Rs.

This is explained both by the low as falling copper prices in recent sessions. The low activity seems to indicate to markets that the central bank reduced the rate of interest to three.25% or even 3%. If this happens, it is likely that those with weights that are devalued by inflation and low rates of interest, prefer dollars to invest in better places. This puts pressure on the money and increase its value, in a market that also provides less supply by low red metal.

Internationally, meanwhile, fears of a resurgence of conflict , due to mobilize troops towards the border, has brought down the major exchanges, increasing the appetite for the greenback as the geopolitical situation advised to leave actions and being liquid is in dollars or gold.

Monday, September 22, 2014

financial goals and your risk tolerance for investments

Know your financial goals and your risk tolerance for investments to pick a level of risk, return and appropriate term for your profile. Take your time and compare options to find the best fit. Never invest in products that do not understand. In case you do not understand, you can not know in the event that they are suitable for your profile.

Seek professional advice prior to making investment decisions, but keep in mind that the final responsibility is yours. Your adviser ought to not make decisions for you, advise.

 Destine investment over between your income and common expenses. Do not use money that you require. Always have a reserve equivalent to 3-6 months of expenses in comparatively liquid that may have emergency assets. Never invest in equities or money that may be needed in the short term.

 four Invest for the long term. Markets go up and down, but long term there is usually more ups than downs. Know stay the work and not be distracted by every day variations and procure profits.

Diversify, diversify, diversify. Do not take stock or sector. This temporal diversification protects against fluctuations in rates of interest, and ensures an income for longer.

Beware costs! Compare rates all right and costs of each entity. Much influence on the final return on investment. And this also applies to transactions of speculation.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Foreign exchange market

At the top level of the Foreign exchange market is situated what is named the interbank market, composed of the world's major banks,governments, etc. In the interbank market there is an exchange of buying and selling currencies between banks (unless absolutely necessary), but is a collection of knowledge from communication among the largest banks.

To understand this is example that was discussed in the forum Forex . Imagine an office with multiple PCs connected to each other forming a network. Each PC runs independently until a situation where a PC needs a resource located in another PC is not given; at this time the first PC will contact the second PC requesting access to the resource you need, get access only if the owner of the second PC has given authorization. Substituting the PC's resources by banks and foreign exchange can get an idea of the relationship between the participants in the interbank market.

Above each bank there is communication between the EBS network, a system that allows to know how much and at what cost are making transactions all members of the interbank market. The EBS, along with Reuters services, allowing each bank to offer a cost appropriately (even if everyone can put their funds freely) .