Friday, September 12, 2014

Control of the rate of change is the end of the day

In recent months the trend rate of change towards a greater appreciation of our funds has increased & for this reason has been the subject of much controversy. I will must cease on the key in this economic phenomenon occurs right. This is a substantial increase of income of foreign funds in to the country, reflecting the growth in investment and exports of mining and energy, without that wealth has an equivalent increase in compensation appetite to acquire such currencies. In short supply exceeds demand.

 I will refer to highlight the beneficiaries & the victims of the trend, which explains to some extent, the delay or resistance to take steps to give greater stability to the exchange rate ,Control of the rate of change is the finish of the day, a political decision, & government agencies can only legislate on the matter. They are concerned with public opinion about the effect that the rate of change is occurring in the productive sector of trad-able goods and services, therefore in employment, but I doubt that in his heart did not feel satisfaction for a phenomenon that facilitates management and improvement in appearance results.

The exchange rate fulfills the same role as tariffs; if dollars are worth less, importing is cheaper. This factor favors the guild of merchants, long lasting goods importers.